Bugatti Group Says Shiba Inu NFT Holders Can Now Build Their Own Merch Line

    Bugatti Group Announces New Utilities for Limited Edition Shiba Inu NFT Holders.

    The team behind Bugatti Group has rolled out new utilities for holders of SHIBOSHI Genesis NFT.

    Bugatti Group, a luxury accessory and luggage brand, has announced three new utilities for Shiba Inu’s unique SHIBOSHI NFT Genesis collection holders. In a tweet yesterday, Bugatti Group said SHIBOSHI NFT genesis holders can now build their own personal “merch line” on its platform.

    In addition, the leading luxury accessory brand noted that SHIBOSHI NFT genesis holders would also have access to a distribution wallet when staking the limited edition digital collectible.

    “…You now earn the chance to build your own merch line + have access to a distribution wallet when staking your NFTs,” it noted

    Furthermore, Bugatti Group called on Shiba Inu Genesis holders to stake the highest rarity digital collectible to earn the most “Travel Points.” 

    The announcement comes less than a week after Bugatti Group launched a portal to enable holders of the Shiboshi Genesis NFTs to claim their physical items.

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    Bugatti Group made this known in a recent tweet that holders of the non-fungible token can claim the attached physical items from their respective dashboards. According to the announcement, the move will enable Bugatti Group to send limited edition bags to the NFT holders.

    Recall that Bugatti Group partnered with Shiba Inu last month to release a limited NFT collection. The NFT mint, restricted to SHIBOSHI NFT holders, featured 299 digital collectibles. The team sold each unit of the NFT for 0.14 ETH. Surprisingly, the NFT collection sold out in less than two minutes, highlighting the strength of Shiba Inu community members.

    As reported earlier, 95% of holders are entitled to cross-body bags from Bugatti, while the remaining 5% would be entitled to claim physical custom carry-on luggage featuring their SHIBOSHI designs.

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