Cardano IOG Teams Up With Colorado Satellite TV ‘DISH’ To Launch A Loyalty Coin System On Blockchain

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    Cardano’s developer team, IOHK, has a long-term arrangement with DISH to propagate decentralized technologies.

    DISH, a satellite TV network based out of Colorado, United States, is leading the pack in terms of blockchain adoption.

    The company is partnering with Cardano Input Output Global (IOG) to bring a blockchain-based decentralized loyalty program to its user base. The system will adopt features of Cardano’s native token.

    It will be implemented through the identity services system developed by Atala PRISM. The two companies inked the deal back in 2021 during the Cardano blockchain summit.

    The deal was announced by Cardano CEO and by Cardano’s IOHK on its website.


    The CRONUS Project

    The mentioned MVP (Minimum Viable Product) based on the Cardano blockchain is a part of the CRONUS project which features IOG and DISH in a long-term collaboration to derive marketing strategies to cater to consumers.

    To achieve this goal, the CRONUS project is built around the concept of issuing digital tokens to consumers through a loyalty program.

    The tokens are minted on the Cardano blockchain and then replicated for issuance on DISH. While Cardano will track, mint, or burn tokens accordingly, IOHK will not have access to the wallet involved. The tokens will be named Boostcoins.

    Customer information will also not be accessible. Instead, the Atala SDK will generate an unpublished decentralized identifier (DID) for each customer.

    How Cardano Gains

    DISH’s collaboration with Cardano is a great step towards the adoption of blockchain technology by mainstream media and business entities. On its part, Cardano stands to gain from the network support that will come with DISH running a number of Cardano network nodes on its side. This will boost Cardano’s network activity and possibly attract more users and increase volume. Either way, the two companies gain.

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