Dogecoin Creator Says Terra 2.0 Launch Will Show the Dumbness of Cryptocurrency Gamblers

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    The Dogecoin creator still thinks the upcoming Terra 2.0 will encounter major issues along the way.  

    Billy Marcus, the creator of popular cryptocurrency meme project Dogecoin (DOGE), has made his prediction for the upcoming Terra 2.0 network.

    Apparently, the Dogecoin creator does not believe things would go smoothly for Terra after the project proceeds to launch its new chain scheduled to go live on Friday, May 27, 2022.

    According to the Dogecoin creator, the upcoming Terra 2.0 will show the world how dumb most “cryptocurrency gamblers” are.

    Marcus’ Feud With Terra’s Founder

    While Marcus did not discuss in detail what he meant by the statement, based on recent developments surrounding the Terra project, it is easy to conclude that the Dogecoin founder believes things may still get worse even after Terra launches its new chain.

    Recall that the Dogecoin creator joined other members of the cryptocurrency community to criticize Terra’s founder Do Kwon for the crash of LUNA and UST.

    The outspoken Dogecoin creator referred to Kwon as tech bros’ hubris in a tweet, which read:

    “Tech bros operate in a bubble where they all read the same game theory book and think they understand everything about human nature. They don’t know how humans really behave outside of their bubble when they design things, that is why you shouldn’t blindly listen to them.”

    Kwon did not take Markus’ comments lightly as he proceeded to block the Dogecoin creator on the microblogging platform Twitter.

    Responding to the development, Marcus said Kwon’s decision to block him did not come as a shock to him, adding that it is great to block people in the crypto industry, especially people who “deserve it.”

    “It makes sense he would block me, as I am not a fan of psychopathic people ruining trust in this space,” Marcus added.

    Terra Is Close to Launching Its New Chain

    Marcus’ recent comments come a few hours after Terra’s team announced that voting for its proposal has come to an end, with the majority of the Terra community declaring support that a new chain should be created.

    As reported, following the green light of the proposal, a snapshot will be taken on May 26, 2022, at 16:00 UTC, which will be followed by the official launch of the new chain.

    After the new chain is created, the Terra team will rename old LUNA tokens to Luna Classic ($LUNC) while the new ones that will be created alongside the new chain will be named $LUNA.

    The new $LUNA tokens will be airdropped to holders of $LUNC, as part of efforts by the Terra team to make its investors whole again.

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