Trezor Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet Now Supports Cardano Smart Contracts

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    Trezor Adds Support for Cardano Smart Contracts.

    Famous cryptocurrency hardware wallet developer Trezor has announced a new update that will enable the support of Cardano’s smart contract functionality.

    According to a recent blog post made by the company, the Cardano smart contract functionality will now be supported on its flagship device Trezor Model T. 


    Notably, before Cardano enthusiasts will be allowed to use the smart contract functionality, they will need to update their Trezor firmware on the Model T device to version 1.11.1. 

    This will allow Cardano users to securely interact with and sign transactions to smart contracts using keys held on their Trezor,” Trezor said in a statement. 

    Trezor advises Cardano users to take note of their seed recovery phrase before conducting the upgrade, as they will be prompted to input their keys after successfully completing the exercise. 

    While Trezor has released significant upgrades to two of its flagship devices, Model T and Model One, Cardano’s smart contract will only be supported on the former. 

    “Cardano support on the Model T has been extended to now also include Plutus smart contracts for transactions from the Alonzo era onward,” the popular hardware wallet developer added. 

    Aside from supporting Cardano’s smart contract functionality, the upgrade also has some relevant features like security fixes as part of efforts by the company to keep users safe at all times. 

    The development comes less than a month after Trezor’s primary rival, Ledger, announced that it had added the Cardano smart contract feature to its Live App, thus granting its users access to the service. 

    Cardano’s Smart Contract

    Launched in September 2021, the smart contract has been an essential addition to Cardano’s ecosystem, as it further improved the utility of the blockchain’s native cryptocurrency ADA. 

    Activities on Cardano have skyrocketed, with more developers flocking to the blockchain to take advantage of the network’s speed and low-cost transactions. 

    Despite the influx of developers to Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of Input Output Global (IOG), noted that more developers will use the network after the launch of Hydra Hard Fork

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